Taylor Swift to Perform Hit ‘You Ain’t My President’ At Superbowl


Pop music megastar Taylor Swift is off to a rousing start in 2020.  With a platinum-selling new album, several hit singles, and a new boyfriend to eventually break up with and write heartfelt ballads about, the 30-year old is experiencing the peak of her career.  It may reach an apex, as a surprise announcement has broken that she will be featured at this year’s superbowl halftime show, performing her anti-Trump smash : “You Ain’t My President.”

Also appearing, Shakira, who’s hips will be utilized by security to screen employees for honesty.

The song, which lambastes the President’s disabilities, weight, and inadequacies in performing the job debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard charts last month, and has been holding steady in the top ten ever since.  With millions of loyal fans just reaching voting age, the simple, catchy hit may have influence on the coming election.  Some sample lyrics :

Putting kids in cages, crying Twitter rages

Your dumb fat ass is a joke.

You’re so jelly your mama didn’t name you “Obama”

That you snort like a monkey on coke.

I’ll tell you one thing bitch, you might be fake rich,

But you Ain’t My President

Ain’t My President

Swift was reportedly an ardent Clinton supporter, and helped to organize and protest his 2016 election in the Women’s March held days afterwards.  She contends that his victory was illegitimate due to Republican voter suppression tactics and aid provided by Russian interference.  In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2019, she tells journalist Joeseph Barron the reasoning behind the song:

“Like most of the other normal people in the country, I wasa shocked and mortified when that idiot was elected.  I just find it hard to believe that the teabagging gullible old cobweb-chewers got so legitimized that they managed to really dumbify…is that a word?  Dumbify the entire Repubican party to support a guy everyone knows is the biggest con man fraud on the planet.  I hope he gets impeached and flushed down America’s toilet into the sewer where he belongs.”

Congressional Democrats are running with that suggestion as we speak.

The singer obviously has some very strong negative feelings about President Trump, but she does live within the country, technically rendering her song’s title erroneous.  But with an impeachment trial in full swing, who knows?  It might be a musical glimpse into the future.


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