Condi Admits Past Affair With Kamala


They say “The heart wants what the heart wants.”  It’s a tenet that applies to us all, regardless of color, sex, or political leaning.  On a brisk August day in Baggerville, Washington, a few blocks from her sprawling residence in Sandy Batt Hills, former national security advisor Condoleezza Rice sits on a park bench sipping a double-chocolate mocha and remembering back to a happier time when her heart opened itself for a tumultuous tryst that left soft echoes in her mind and body.

“Kamala, I can say, is a very loving and compassionate woman,” she relates, her eyes glazing over with that familiar haze of a cherished memory.  “We were together for quite a while.  Almost a year.  I think she’ll be fantastic in whatever she puts her mind to do.  She’s very driven and won’t have anything less than success.  It’s her mantra.”

Harris has since adopted this alternate mantra.

Now 65, Rice is back in the newspapers and cable outlets after admitting to having an intimate relationship with Harris, now a trending news item after her selection as running mate for Presidential front-runner Joe Biden.  Our interview turns to nostalgia as she sets about on her daily five-mile walk, a health conscious trek that she says keeps her fit.

“This was over twenty years or so ago.  We’d met at a seminar for black women in government.  She offered me the seat next to her, and although it started with just normal presence, a spark was there.  We couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other.  We set out for a drink afterwards, and after that…well.  You know what they say.  ‘One thing led to another.'”

The Fixx declined to comment about the lyric “Break out the hard turkey balls” from their hit “One Thing Leads to Another”.

I didn’t press her for details like pundit and former pornographic model Laura Ingraham did just a day ago, but instead ask what she remembers most about Harris during the time they spent in intimacy.

“She was very tender and understanding.  Especially as a calming influence.  Being a lesbian in the Republican party is a lot like being a Black person at a Merle Haggard concert.  Uncomfortable.  But she understood.  Both with her heart and her tongue.  It was two ships passing in the night, really.  Except one ship had a strap on.”


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