Trump Issues Executive Action to DOJ Dems: Charge Comey or Resign

Patriots, there is a good reason to celebrate this afternoon. President Trump is sick and tired of the Deep State Democrats moled-up inside the Justice Department. He has issued an Executive Action, which is different from an Executive Order, directly to the department.

Typically, an Executive Order goes out and becomes law for all Americans immediately. The Executive Action allows the President to direct his order to a specific department of the Executive Branch, such as the DOJ, making the order department policy, not law.

Ultimately, by refusing to indict James Comey for sedition and treason, the moles in the department have exposed themselves and now face a struggle for their jobs, their careers, and possibly their freedom.

Our correspondent in the field, Cynthia Luwhoe, says the order isn’t something you’re likely to hear much about in the media:

“The object here isn’t to actually indict James Comey. To think the Trump Administration would waste the time and taxpayer funds on something the liberals will sweep under the rug in Congress is just plain silly.

So the objective is simpler. Don’t make a big national news fuss, just slip an Executive Action to about 30 people on the inside and the ones who resign are Deep State.”

Brilliant, sir. Simply brilliant.

So, in the end, Comey won’t get to walk into a courtroom and leave in shackles on his way to the executioner’s slab — like he deserves — but his cohorts at Justice will have nothing left. Their lives and their careers are over, and if it’s found that they helped or alerted Comey in any way over the past 20 years, they’ll likely spend some time in a military prison for “questioning.”

You have to love American justice.

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