Democrats Planning New Articles of Impeachment Before The Election

The Democrats are up to their dirty tricks again. It seems that they will once again be exercising their ability to file Articles of Impeachment in the House, as prescribed by the US Constitution, to once again try to illegally remove Trump from office.

According to an aide working in Adam Schiff’s top Aide’s office, a friend of a friend told him that he has first-hand knowledge of the new tactic:

“Adam Schiff is already working on the wording and talking points for new Articles. He’s waiting for the smoke to clear a bit on the whole worldwide pandemic thing, at which time he’ll try to sucker-punch the President with more bogus claims.”

According to the source, Schiff wants to bring attention to several things about Trump’s response to COVID-19 that he says are “irresponsible and shameful.” Like the two months he squandered telling people it would just go away, or the lack of testing and personal protective equipment for our health care workers. Schiff thinks that lying to the American people to make them feel better and buy more stock was a bad move. He says the White House should have been preparing for “the worst” in January.

Of, sure. If it were up to Obama, the White House would act…never. Remember when all those people died from the Chinese Swine Flu? That one may have originated in North Dakota, but still. the Chinese didn’t do anything to stop it. And what about Chinese Ebola? That one came from Africa and went directly through an Asian man once, so we know who was to blame for that.

Maybe it’s time for the Democrats to stop placing blame for trump’s incompetence on Trump and start blaming those people who are really responsible.

Thank you, President Trump, for all that you’ve done. Sure, you could have done better. You could have been open and honest and worked with state governments and made sure the CDC was fully-funded and ready to go, but that’s not why we elected you. We elected you to own the libs. And you certainly have done that.

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Flagg Eagleton is the son of an American potato farmer and a patriot. After spending 4 years in the Navy and 7 on welfare picking himself up by the bootstraps, Flagg finally got his HVAC certificate and is hard at work keeping the mobile homes of Tallahassee at a comfy 83 degrees.

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