Medical Review Board Revokes Jill Biden’s License

Dr. Jill Biden may want to stop calling herself “doctor.” The former Second Lady and wife of Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been stripped of her license by the Medical Review Board.

According to our source on the board, Biden has committed malpractice so many times that she’s no longer a healthy addition to the medical community:

“Dr. Biden has been working behind the scenes for years outside of her own field and taking patients off the books. As a professional review board, we can’t let that stand.

“As of midnight, her license will be officially revoked, and there will be little hope of her ever getting it back.”

At least now she can join the Obamas, the Clintons, and Jack Kevorkian on the list of losers who used to have licenses in their field but are now just common citizens like the rest of us.

The White House says it’s taking measures to see that Jill Biden loses her pension from her 12 years of service with the Army Medical Corps:

“What we’d like to see is for her to be dishonorably discharged and stripped of her rank and pension. That’s the only way justice will be served.”

The Democrats are trying to brush off the disciplinary action, saying it doesn’t really reflect Biden’s character or profession:

“Somebody in the delusional land of Trumpism made a fool of themselves here. Dr. Biden will most certainly be keeping the title she earned when she graduated with a PhD in education.

“Whoever decided she was a medical doctor, quite frankly, is an idiot.”

Further review of the story led us to the conclusion that Dr. Diden isn’t a medical doctor at all and that it might be better if we decided not to publish such nonsense, but let’s face it. The bulk of our readers stopped after the first quote in the story confirmed their bias, then they clicked one of the shiny ads.

God bless America.

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