Trump to Sign Gun Ban for Gang Members

President Trump has signed a new gun ban on gang members in our great country. Finally, someone is taking a stand for the real tragedy in this country, which is drug dealers and killers having access to guns.

The new law is simple. The President signed an executive order making gang members ineligible for the 2nd Amendment. “If they don’t want to follow the jude of law, they don’t get to reap the benefits, it’s that simple,” said the President, “If you don’t have it, then you can’t have something, right? And without something to have, there…there is no law. Period.”

The Justice Department is scrambling to enact new restrictions on private citizens that allow hem to break down doors and confiscate weapons from potential killers. As Deputy Attorney in Charge of Guns, At Tubolls explains, the new law won’t affect any typical Americans:

“The order covers people belonging to violent gangs that have silly initiations and patrol dangerous areas. The police have been directed to remove any weapon they find on anyone in an urban setting matching the description of a possible gang member. Stop and frisk has been enabled and a curfew may be enforced if they don’t comply.

“We want to make it clear that clubs and historical societies are exempt. We won’t be taking away any motorcycles or busting up any re-enactments or bothering anyone practicing the Lord’s word.”

what it sounds like is the President has finally wised up and figured out how to handle real gun violence. He’s also considering anyone crossing the border illegally a potential gang member as well and refusing them any kind of food, assistance or respect for their basic humanity, which they forfeited when they came here illegally.

If they would just stop in Europe first like everyone else, nobody would care.

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